You’ve been considering getting another countertop for some time now and have been glancing around at your various alternatives. The choices to marble, for example, quartz, rock and even overlay surfaces all make them thing in like manner.

They are attempting to coordinate its unmistakable rich excellence. Marble countertops can be viewed as the Cadillac of counters. It additionally comes with its own arrangement of upsides and downsides as you’ll see underneath.

The basics

Marble starts as a metamorphic stone. This means it begins in a sedimentary structure as dolomite or limestone rock and once it has been exposed to extreme warmth and weight it transforms into an excellent stone. The change comes about because of the pollutions found in the first dolomite or limestone rock.

When exposed to warmth and weight, the materials take shape. As a stone that contains calcium carbonate, the most perfect that you can discover is totally white. Think about the sculptures that artists made back in the Renaissance. This unadulterated stone was utilized for the cutting.

Marble slabs for your counter

There are many reasons why you might need to pick it to embellish your counter and yet there are similarly the same number of or more reasons why you might need to investigate your different alternatives. So as to help control you with your inquiry, we have assembled a total list of the focal points and disadvantages that you can expect as a marble proprietor.


More structure abilities – If you have a counter that requires more than the typical manufacture endeavors, you might need to go to marble. Few out of every odd countertop has a severe rectangular shape. It is softer to work with than many other regular stone pieces that are utilized for a counter. Therefore, the general functionality of it is greatly improved. It ought to likewise be thought of in case you’re searching for extravagant edges or other additional creation advantages.

When contrasted with stone, for instance, marble is a fantasy to work with. With rock, it’s exceptionally hard to cut the stone without chipping it and causing harm.

Classic beauty – This is by a long shot its best component and the motivation behind why many individuals won’t settle for anything less. In case you’re searching for a white countertop, it will be hard if not difficult to track down one that is as brilliant in quartz, soapstone or rock.

Normally cool – If you do a great deal of heating, you’ll completely cherish working with marble countertops! It remains cool normally and is not a major warmth conductor.

Warmth resistant – It’s extraordinary compared to other work administrations you can discover for a kitchen. It is heat resistant yet like quartz and stone, you ought to never put a pot that comes straightforwardly from the oven on it.

Solid – Although it is a soft stone, it is very sturdy. It’s a permeable material however so in case you’re searching for something that is thick and can take a ton of knocks and bruises, you might need to think about quartz as another option.

Simple to discover – Sometimes it very well may be hard to find the correct rock or quartz chunk that would be ideal for your kitchen. Marble, then again, is broadly accessible and can be found effectively in most stone yards or fabricators. This means less sit tight time for you, by and large, to get the correct stone conveyed and put in its legitimate spot on your kitchen counter.



Likewise with a Cadillac that consumes a great deal of gas and is more costly than different vehicles, there are some disadvantages related with marble that you ought to know about.

Stains and scratches – Since it is a softer stone, you can hope to see more stains and scratches showing up on a superficial level. On the off chance that you are eager to grasp a characteristic patina that will create after some time, this won’t be an issue for you. To the extent stains go, marble doesn’t respond well with acidic nourishments. Some carving on a superficial level may create when acids are permitted to come in contact with it. Fixing can help with stain control yet doesn’t assist such much with scratching.

Support – Staining can be moderated as long as you reliably seal the countertop all the time. It’s recommended that the surface be fixed at any rate once every year except in the event that you cook a ton you’ll most likely need to do it all the more often. This means you’ll continually must be watching out for mileage on the fixed surface and be prepared to apply another coat whenever. When a marble counter becomes recolored, it very well may be viewed as permanent.

Fixes – If you have a countertop consisting of marble tiles, there’s no issue with taking care of any fixes required. It’s just an issue of supplanting the harmed tile with another one. This should be finished by a professional however to hold the trustworthiness of the tiles that are encompassing the harmed one. Assuming, notwithstanding, you have a section, it’s hard to fix any harm to get the countertop reinforcement to its unique excellence.

Is marble the correct decision for you?

Everything relies upon the kind of family unit you have, how much upkeep you are eager to place into your countertop and whether you feel that there is nothing else that would truly fulfill you. You should be set up for the upkeep required to keep your countertop looking glossy or be happy to acknowledge the characteristic patina that will create through ordinary family use.

For many individuals, it’s marble or nothing. The delightful marbling impact can’t be found in some other kind of stone. It’s a profound rich common stone that has its own kind of story to tell, making it the genuine Cadillac with regards to kitchen countertops.

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