Brick Wall Living Room (Design Ideas)

Here we share brick wall living room structure thoughts including well known paint hues to coordinate your room’s style.

There numerous contemporary approaches to introduce or apply brick finish to your living room. Methods and procedures change, just as materials, contingent upon the look you need to accomplish. Brick walls are frequently utilized as emphasize walls, for the most part behind the couch, the wall of the chimney (genuine or something else), or even the TV wall. The profundity and surface it gives in a split second sets an alluring point of convergence in the space.

Bricks are one of the materials that have demonstrated their agelessness. In addition to the fact that they look great, however they are additionally strong, which is the reason more seasoned structures despite everything have their unique brick stone work flawless! Regardless of what the style of shading plan of your space, a brick wall will without a doubt be an incredible extra component.

On the off chance that you have a cutting edge space that for the most part utilizes white or any light hues for the walls and furniture, a red brick wall is an astounding decision to add complexity and surface to the space. The model above uses the home’s unique vintage bricks to give it unpleasant, defective edges and make visual intrigue.

Red Brick Wall Living Room

Living Room with White Brick Wall

Brick Wall in Living Room with Fireplace

Black Brick Wall Living Room

Faux Brick Wall in Living Room

  • Brick wallpaper – astounding quality brick wallpapers would resemble the genuine article when introduced appropriately. For dividers not presented to extreme warmth or dampness, wallpaper would be a decent other option and would be quicker to introduce. There are additionally finished wallpapers accessible on the off chance that you need to give it somewhat more authenticity!
  • Brick ceramic tiles – accessible in most home improvement shops, faux brick ceramic tiles can come in differing sizes and shading alternatives. This is an extraordinary decision in case you’re introducing it in zones inclined to water/dampness presentation. Attempt to pick interlocking style bricks with the goal that the creases would look characteristic.
  • DIY methods – there are various DIY methods for faux bricks utilizing various materials. The most mainstream ones incorporate the utilization of clay or joint mixes, cut MDF sheets and even styrofoam.
  • Brick veneers – the most famous kind of brick veneers would be the Z-Bricks. They are fundamentally more slender bits of bricks utilized for confronting/tasteful purposes. They are lighter than typical bricks and doesn’t require a metal surrounding to introduce.
  • Faux brick panels – on the off chance that you need a more 3D impact, however need the establishment simplicity of wallpapers, you will discover faux brick panels on your neighborhood tool shops or even on the web. These panels come in various sizes and normally produced using MDF or froth sheets, and has a help surface that copies genuine bricks. They as a rule have interlocking creases with the goal that it introduces consistently.



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