Beautiful Bedrooms with concrete floors

Another option in which the brightness of the interior is particularly emphasized by wood and concrete flooring. The completely opposite ceiling and floor as heroes of the antagonists of the same novel … we add wood elements to the interior, and the ceiling no longer seems so heavy and the cement so cold. Beautiful modern industrial-style bedroom. The raw concrete wall on one side has a windward appearance, while the other wall uses gray bricks, creating an unpleasant, rough atmosphere in the room. Smooth polished concrete floors help illuminate the space, while a wooden teak ceiling adds warmth and smoothness.

This bedroom is truly a grand scale. Wide free space, conciseness and at the same time the scope inherent to the Eastern temple. You can imagine that this bedroom is a piece of grandiose monument in the Balinese jungle, a place where you can hide from the heat or heavy rain. All these effects are achieved thanks to a concrete floor, a low bed, with an incredibly soft mattress and statues, vases and countenances that place the accent


The interior is made in warm shades. The walls and pastels of beige and brown shades give the atmosphere of the interior a special sunny gold. The use of warm shades of wood in the design of the ceiling of window frames and beds create even more comfort, and a daring highlight gives the concrete floor, an interior as if continues the sunny nature outside the window but already inside the bedroom.

Another version of the bedroom with a concrete floor. The small space of the bedroom visually seems larger due to the minimalist style and concrete floor, which supports the wall in color, as well as large French windows opening which creates a common space with the terrace, which gives even more space to the bedroom.

The simplicity and style of this bedroom is in total finish. Modern trends make it possible to use concrete not only for the concrete floor, but also for the space in general. Bright warm accents in the interior are burners.

This interior is very simple to execute, but the harmonious distribution of natural finishing materials gives the space the right shape. The concrete floor perfectly matches the concrete wall, as well as the wooden wagon used on the ceiling and wall. We would like to note the color combinations in the space. Only 3 basic colors and only the use of their different shades in different details of this website create such a cozy atmosphere.

Very similar to the previous version of the bedroom, but simpler and even lighter in execution. However, this does not mean that it is a loser. Totally wooden interior in contrast to the concrete floor, and a nappy mat and a large soft bed make the sleeping room soft.

Another option to combine the concrete floor of the bedroom but this time with iron. Industrial style, a mixture of concrete, brick and metal, gives the space a multi-layered and modern style. This time wood occupies a minimal part of the interior, but it is also a very cozy place.

Completely uncompromising, brutal, loft with futuristic notes of LED lights, and again such a stylish concrete finish to the bedroom. Concrete floor and wall set the mood for the whole interior.

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