Tiny Container Houses (Design)

Here we share some shipping container house design thoughts including their essential advantages and highlights.

There are many sea containers in the world that will never again be used to transport goods. And out of such unnecessary containers one can build a magnificent modern home, where the owner will be comfortable and warm, where he will enjoy his stay and spend time.

The idea to use containers that will no longer be used allows us not only to make a budget modern home, but also to reduce pollution of our environment.

Today’s (modern) time requires a best-in-class solution to problems. By using containers that already have walls, ceiling and floor, construction time is reduced and construction costs are reduced. If you want a budget modern home, the use of containers will suit you.

Produced using surplus containers, these transport container houses can be the next eco-composite option, as opposed to conventional construction materials. Modellers and designers are becoming more and more innovative by offering a la mode inside and outside that combines the use of these containers into structures worthy of attention.

These cabins are ideal for both permanent and festive living, as they are not only made to be sturdy, versatile for protection from storms and strong breeze; they can also be fully transportable, making the crossing quiet and peaceful.

Typically, containers are made either 20 feet by 8 feet (6 meters by 2.4 meters), which can allow about 160 square feet of living space or a larger container that is 40 feet by 8 feet (12 meters by 2.4 meters), and you get about 320 square feet of floor space.

Standard containers are 8.5 feet (2.5 meters) in size; you can also attach containers to make a much larger living space. The cost of shipping containers can range from US$2,000 to US$4,500 anywhere, depending on the age and condition of the containers, their size, shipping cost and supplier.

Cargo container houses have a ton of extraordinary characteristics that can be considered profitable. Here are a few advantages that homeowners can consider when choosing shipping containers for their homes:

  • As mentioned earlier, building a house using shipping containers helps save cash than building ordinary houses by combining DIY elements and factors in the production and accumulation of shipping container houses.
  • Sea-container houses are an incredible case of “reuse and recycling”, as they provide another life cycle for a consolidated shipping container, rather than, at this point, a reasonable one for the expected reason.


  • Shipping Container Houses are Strong and Durable – as the shipping containers are made of steel and are amazingly strong to withstand all the forces of nature and to cope with the outrageous loads during your long excursion to the open ocean, you can be sure that this will be a home that will keep your family and property safe and will continue to go for a long time.
  • Shipping Container Houses are Unique and Flexible – there are unlimited prospects and unique design changes that should be possible with houses-containers for sea shipping, regardless of whether these containers are made of the same size and shape. These shipping containers are internally adaptable due to the way they are manufactured, moved and used.

You also need to know that when building such container houses, you need to observe the building regulations, as different parts of the USA have different building regulations.

In case you need to have a really minimalistic house the size of a shipping container, the factories have many ready-made models to look at. They are made in the factory and then sent to your home, suitable for assembly.

From the fundamental to the sumptuous designs, the shipping container house offers the advantage of an instant shell. We trust that through this article, we have given you a few motivations to acknowledge and cherish shipping container houses, since we sure love them! For progressively related substance look at our display of minimalistic living space designs here

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