loft style

The loft kitchen is a stylish and original solution that will never go out of fashion. The advantage of this style is the lack of strict canons, which means that there is always the opportunity to experiment, create a unique interior and easily change it if necessary.

The loft is a relatively young interior style that originated in the 40s of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that “loft” is translated as “attic”, for its implementation, not only attics were used, but also any industrial, warehouse, or office premises. The appearance of the loft was rather a necessity since residential real estate had an unaffordable price. Creative youth and creative people began to purchase non-residential premises and adapt them for housing.

Today, the loft-style is very popular all over the world. Moreover, now you do not need to look for an abandoned warehouse, you can create it in an apartment, especially if the apartment has enough space.

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