10 Beautiful Living Rooms with Hardwood Floors

This gallery highlights lovely living rooms with hardwood floors, dark flooring light walls, dark wood floor living rooms, . Living rooms indicated include an assortment of styles, for example, the Mediterranean, rural, specialist, transitional, Spanish, Asian, present-day, contemporary, and customary,

Strong hardwood is beautiful and solid. Since it is processed from a single bit of wood it very well may be over and over sanded and keep going for quite a long time. Engineered hardwood offers an inner center of wood with an external layer of hardwood facade. With engineered hardwood, one can get a similar look and excellence without the entirety of the expense. Additionally, engineered hardwood is more impervious to warmth and dampness than strong hardwood flooring.

In the image over the natural strong European oak wood floors gives this Mediterranean home an increasingly loosened up nation vibe. Matched with other nonpartisan hues and a bit of turquoise as a compliment, this home looks relaxing. Walls are plain white, and the ceiling has highlight wooden pillars in dark wenge finish. Furniture pieces are generally upholstered in a light cream shading, combined with dark wood stain and some pinch of blues on the cushions.

Living Room with Wood Floors

This living room has exemplary Spanish components, combined with increasingly present day finishes. The floors have a delicate brilliant tone, generally because of the strong fruitwood flooring, and the light cream painted walls. Furniture pieces are slip-shrouded easy chairs and couches, matched turned wood subtleties on uncovered wooden legs seen on the footstool. The ceiling additionally has uncovered wooden bars and brackets in antiqued wengue finish, completing the natural look of the space.

A perfect present day contemporary space with strong teak wood floors and ceiling matched with plain white walls, creating a warm yet minimalist foundation for the furniture pieces. The space is now brilliant because of the numerous windows providing regular light into space, yet other than that, there are additionally 6 skylights directly over the living zone, give progressively normal into space. To keep with the cutting edge look, the furniture pieces are for the most part present day, upholstered in white calfskin, and have stainless steel legs. Adding surface and measurement to space is the huge block chimney and the utilization of some indoor plants, making the general look of the space all the more relaxing and novel.

Dark wood flooring living room. A little lounging room with a crude, provincial feel to it. It utilizes polished boards of brilliant walnut wood everywhere throughout the floors and up to the side paneling of the walls. A similar wood was utilized to assemble the window opening framing, the showcase. This outcome in a cabin-like feel, however with a lighter vibe to it because of the plain dark walls. The furniture pieces coordinate the general look of the interior subtleties – earthy colored cowhide chesterfield couch combined with 2 fauteuils.

Dark maple floors set a dark difference against the plain light-colored walls and the white-painted wooden brackets on the ceiling. Furniture pieces all utilization white slipcovers, making it truly jump out of the exceptionally dark floors. Framing the living territory is a conventional region floor covering, adding a little surface and example into space. Dark hardwood floors living room only brave and creative people who are not afraid «swim against the tide» and stand out ever at home can choose.

A dark wooden floor always looks more expensive and more spectacular than a light wood of the same quality. Natural materials will improve the appearance, create style and perfection of the interior. Dark wood floor living rooms with the plain clean white walls. It has an accent wall with a built-in electric fireplace. There are two dark velvet sofas, a rocking chair, and a wenge table.

This living room combines the straightforwardness of present day plan and the polish of exemplary interiors. Finished light Brazilian Mahogany wood floors embellish the floors, while the artificial wood shafts are veneered with pine and given a pleasantly light finish. Walls are painted in light cream, setting a warm yet current foundation for space. The furniture pieces comprise of a calfskin upholstered couch, a white rocker and stool, a strong wood end table, and side tables. There’s additionally a rock chimney inverse the couch, and a wide range of indoor plants adorning the space, adding more measurement and magnificence to space.

Another eclectic style living room, has French interior architectural details such as French windows and doors, as well as mid-century modern furniture pieces. Walls and the ceiling were all painted in white, giving the clean and bright background, while the maple wood floors provide a warm color into space. Furniture pieces are simply a slip-covered sofa in white linen, a pair of midcentury modern armchairs in, a pair modern armchairs and a natural wood and glass coffee table.

A simple yet elegant modern living space, with dark red acacia floors paired with white walls. It has an accent wall with a fireplace and white moldings. The living area uses 2 matching sofas upholstered in white velvet fabric and wingback armchairs with brown fabric. The electric chimney was clad with a white wooden mantle with a matching presentation rack, creating a brought together look.

Another great inspired living room space, this uses antiqued strong teak floors, which has a matte finish, making it look worn and matured, matching the wooden shafts on the ceiling. The walls were painted with a marbled method for an increasingly matured/endured look, white the chimney mantle has exemplary themes and an unpleasant old solid finish. The furniture pieces are essentially made out of an enormous sectional couch in light cream, support, a Spanish high back seat, and a footstool.


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